B-PROJECT is an original idol anime that aired in 2016, with a second season airing in 2019.

Tsubasa Sumisora gets put in charge of B-PROJECT, an idol unit comprising of 3 separate idol groups, "Kitakore," "THRIVE," and "MooNs."


OP Edit

The whole unit is seen topless.

Episode 1 Edit

The eyecatch features Tomohisa Kitakado.

Episode 2 Edit

The eyecatch features Goshi Kaneshiro.

Episode 3 Edit

MooNs advertises curry at a hot spring for a commercial. The eyecatch features Mikado Sekimura.

Episode 4 Edit

The entire unit performs shirtless while Tsubasa removes a coffee stain from Ryuji's outfit. The eyecatch features Yuta Ashu.

Episode 5 Edit

The eyecatch features Ryuji Korekuni.

Episode 6 Edit

The eyecatch features Momotaro Onzai.

Episode 7 Edit

The eyecatch features Hikaru Osari.

Episode 8 Edit

The unit is at the beach for work until they get stranded. The eyecatch features Kazuna Masunaga.

Episode 9 Edit

THRIVE takes a shower as part of shooting for a delinquent movie. Later on Goshi and Kento take their shirts off to dry after getting themselves wet, after which Kento walks around with his shirt unbuttoned. The eyecatch features Kento Aizome.

Episode 10 Edit

The eyecatch features Tatsuhiro Nome.

Episode 11 Edit

Hikaru takes a shower and accidentally flashes Tsubasa.

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