Dream Festival! is a mobile video game that received an anime adaptation in 2016.

High school student Kanade Amamiya is suddenly scouted by legendary idol Haruto Mikami one day, and now works with 4 other boys in the same agency, all trying their best to get Dream Festival cards from their fans at the Dream Festival, the stage all idols dream of.

Dream Festival! Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Kanade's shirt flies up a few times, and the boys are seen taking a shower. The Dream Festival system is also seen in action.

Episode 2 Edit

Kanade is seen taking a bath. Later on, Itsuki and Chizuru use Dream Festival cards while singing with Kanade.

Episode 3 Edit

Junya is shirtless in the changing room when Kanade finds him.

Episode 4 Edit

Junya is seen shirtless before and after on the first day of the training regimen, while Kanade wears just boxers when practising in his room. Later on the newly formed unit 'Traffic Signal' wear the Wild Guys themed clothes while performing.

Episode 5 Edit

Junya takes a shower.

Episode 7 Edit

Keigo and Yuto debut as the band KUROFUNE.

Episode 9 Edit

Dear Dream take their shirts off in the locker room.

Episode 10 Edit

Kanade takes a shower after a long run. Later he is seen changing shirts in the locker room.

Episode 11 Edit

The boys are shirtless in the locker room.

Episode 12 Edit

Keigo talks to Yuto while shirtless in the locker room.

Dream Festival! R Edit

OP Edit

Kanade demonstrates the new transformation sequence for this season.

Episode 1 Edit

Kanade takes a bath, the boys are shirtless in the locker room and their new tranformation sequences are seen.

Episode 2 Edit

Keigo changes his shirt in the locker room, and later takes a shower with Shin.

Episode 3 Edit

Kanade and Junya are shirtless in the locker room while later Yuto dries himself with a towel after being caught in the rain with Keigo. KUROFUNE's new transformation sequences are seen.

Episode 6 Edit

Itsuki is seen in his Arabian Jeweled outfit while Junya is shirtless in the locker room.

Episode 8 Edit

Everyone offers Chizuru cold spray after he complains that his body's aching.

Episode 9 Edit

Yuto takes a shower twice in the same episode.

ED 1 Edit

Kanade, Junya, Chizuru and Itsuki are at the beach. Itsuki is also seen in a revealing Halloween costume.

ED 11 Edit

Junya and others are seen wearing Wild Guys outfits.

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