Future Card Buddyfight is a multimedia franchise that had an anime air from 2014 to 2018, and was followed by the sequel Future Card Buddyfight Ace.

The story follows Gao Mikado and his adventures after becoming buddies with Drum Bunker Dragon in a world where certain humans and monsters can become "buddies" with each other and play against other Buddyfighters through the card game Future Card Buddyfight.

Future Card Buddyfight Hundred

Episode 6 Edit

Zanya trains shirtless.

Episode 10 Edit

Zanya interrupts Gao's sleep.

Episode 36 Edit

Gao and Ikazuchi take a bath.

Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Edit

Episode 15 Edit

Gao bulks up after previously gaining weight from eating too much pizza.

Episode 31 Edit

Gaito trains at an indoor water park.

Episode 32 Edit

Gao's shirt flies up while sleeping.

Episode 44 Edit

Gao trips while running down the stairs.

Future Card Buddyfight X Edit

Episode 29 Edit

Gao's navel is exposed.

Episode 30 Edit

Gao's navel is exposed after being shocked awake.

Episode 54 Edit

Gao takes a bath with all of his Buddies.

Manga Edit

Volume 1 Edit

Gao forgets to put on his clothes after he wakes up and strips off his pyjamas.

Artwork Edit