Haganai is a light novel series that received an anime adaptation in 2011, with a second season airing in 2013.

The story follows transfer student Kodaka Hasegawa, who scares off everyone with his dirty-blond hair and fierce looking eyes. This leads to him forming the Neighbours Club with other students who also lack social lives and are unable to make friends.

Haganai Edit

Episode 0 / OVA 1 Edit

Kodaka appears to be enjoying himself at the beach.

OP Edit

Kodaka's clothes are unbuttoned. He's also seen in a swimsuit.

Episode 3 Edit

Kodaka gives swimming lessons to Sena at a water park.

Episode 5 Edit

Kodaka plays a role-playing game made by Rika.

Episode 8 Edit

The entire club visits the water park.

Episode 9 Edit

Rika imagines herself and Kodaka at a hot spring.

Episode 10 Edit

The Neighbors Club goes to Sena's beach house.

Episode 13 / OVA 2 Edit

Everyone takes turns writing a chapter of a novel.

Haganai NEXT Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Kodaka gets his back washed by Pegasus.

Episode 3 Edit

Kodaka exposes his chest to everyone as part of the King Game.

Episode 4 Edit

Kodaka cleans up at a bathhouse.

Artwork Edit