Infinite Stratos is a light novel series that received an anime adaptation in 2011, with a second season airing in 2013.

Girls from all over the world gather at IS Academy to learn how to become pilots of powerful exoskeletons called Infinite Stratos, leading a age of peace where women dominate society over men till the day where it's discovered that 15-year old Ichika Orimura can pilot the IS despite being male. Now he too has been forced to attend the Academy.

Infinite Stratos Edit

Episode 2 Edit

Ichika's IS suit bares his navel.

Episode 3 Edit

Ichika becomes the new class representative.

Episode 4 Edit

Ichika recovers after being injured by a mysterious IS.

Episode 5 Edit

Ichika takes his shirt off in the locker room.

Episode 6 Edit

Ichika takes his top off in the locker room.

Episode 7 Edit

Ichika trips while changing out of his school uniform. He's later seen putting his IS suit's top on.

Episode 8 Edit

Ichika is at the newly opened male public bath.

Episode 9 Edit

Ichika goes to the beach with the girls.

Episode 10 Edit

Ichika is in his IS suit.

Episode 11 Edit

Ichika is badly injured after shielding Houki from the Silver Gospel's attack.

Episode 12 Edit

Houki finds Ichika at the beach in his swimsuit.

Infinite Stratos 2 Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Ichika invites the girls to an amusement park.

Episode 2 Edit

Ichika is seen in his IS suit.

Infinite Stratos 2: Long Vacation EditionEdit

We get an extended look at the amusement park trip from episode 1.

Episode 6 Edit

Ichika is in his IS suit.

Episode 9 Edit

Ichika's navel is seen briefly.

Episode 12 Edit

Ichika is at a hot spring.

Infinite Stratos 2: World Purge-hen Edit

The girls are trapped in various fantasies involving fake versions of Ichika.

Artwork Edit