Koro Sensei Quest! is a 2016-2017 anime spin-off of Assassination Classroom, adapted from the manga spin-off series of the same name.

The story follows the chibis of Class 3-E as they learn swordsmanship and sorcery at Kunugigaoka Magic School, in order to defeat the Demon King Koro-Sensei.

Anime Edit

OP Edit

Isogai is revealed to have only been able to afford the front half of the armour he's wearing.

Episode 1 Edit

Isogai's armour is revealed to be a bug. Okajima takes his shirt off in an attempt to impress the girls while Nagisa's bug is revealed to be randomised every time.

Episode 2 Edit

Karma is stripped by Koro Sensei and given a bath.

Episode 3 Edit

The class encounters Irina the Witch.

Episode 4 Edit

Koro-Sensei reveals that he spied on Okajima admiring himself.

Episode 6 Edit

Isogai takes care of the flower garden with Kataoka.

Episode 7 Edit

Asano is revealed to take baths with his horse.

Episode 8 Edit

Everyone switches bodies and minds.

Episode 9 Edit

A rescue party is formed to rescue the abducted Nagisa.

Episode 10 Edit

Sugino goes berserk after eating Kanzaki's chocolate.

Episode 12 Edit

The real Terasaka returns.