Prince of Stride is an otome game released for the PlayStation Vita, with an anime adaptation named Prince of Stride: Alternative in 2016.

The game is based around the fictional extreme sport of "stride", which is akin to the real-life extreme sport of parkour and takes place at Honan Academy.


OP Edit

Heath and Riku's shirts fly up.

Episode 2 Edit

Ayumu wears a swimsuit as part of the team's modelling work.

Episode 3 Edit

Kaede's shirt flies up.

Episode 4 Edit

Takeru examines Riku, Heath and Hozumi at a bath house. Ayumu is also seen injured after the race.

Episode 7 Edit

Riku's shirt momentarily flies up. Later on, the Honan and Saisei teams (except for Ayumu and Shizuma) strip off their shirts to have fun at the beach.

Episode 8 Edit

Hozumi channels his inner Bruce Lee, or tries to at any rate.

Episode 9 Edit

Ayumu and Hozumi take the team to an indoor water park in a bid to relive stress and try to get Riku and Takeru to work well together again.

Episode 11 Edit

The Saisei team puts up a performance.

Artwork Edit