Room Mate is a first-person POV romantic short series that aired in 2017.

The show casts the viewer as an apartment manager for a country house and your interactions with the three tenants.

Anime Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Shinya greets us in a towel.

Episode 4 Edit

Shinya takes his shirt off.

Episode 5 Edit

Aoi and Takumi expose their navels.

Episode 8 Edit

Shinya lies in bed shirtless. He's also seen in a loose robe.

Episode 9 Edit

The guys compliment each other's bodies while taking a bath.

Episode 11 Edit

The guys wear yukatas.

Episode 12 Edit

Shinya is topless again when the viewer returns to the house.

ED 1 Edit

The guys' shirts disappear.

ED 2 Edit

The guys' clothes disappear.

ED 4 Edit

The illustration is changed, with the guys' shirts disappearing again.

ED 5 Edit

Butterflies remove the guys' shirts.

ED 6 Edit

The guys end up naked.

ED 7 Edit

The illustration has changed again.

ED 9 Edit

The guys' shirts peel off.

ED 10 Edit

The illustration is changed for the final time.

ED 11 Edit

The guys' yukatas light up.

ED 12 Edit

The guys' clothes disappear repeatedly.