Time Bokan 24 is a re-imagining of the original Time Bokan series that debuted in 2016, with a second season airing in 2017.

14-year-old Tokio is recruited to be a member of the JKK, an organisation that uncovers the truth behind historical events while fighting the Akudarma, a villainous group whose goal is to prevent the truth from being revealed.

Time Bokan 24 Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Tokio's clothes are taken in lieu of money.

Episode 4 Edit

Tokio's clothes decay over time after being stranded.

Episode 5 Edit

Tokio is seen in a swimsuit.

Episode 6 Edit

Tokio takes his shirt off to dry.

Episode 11 Edit

Tokio's underwear becomes highly sought after in 1543 Japan, leading to him being stripped.

Time Bokan: The Villains' Strike Back Edit

Episode 6 Edit

Tokio dresses up as a mermaid.

Episode 12 Edit

Everyone wears swimsuits while competing.

Episode 13 Edit

Tokio is in an outdoor bath.

Episode 22 Edit

Tokio takes a shower.