Ushio and Tora is a supernatural manga series that received three OVA series in 1992-1992, and an anime adaptation from 2015-2016.

The story focuses on a middle schooler named Ushio Aotsuki, the son of a temple priest who is stalked and aided by a tiger-like monster who he names Tora.

Anime Edit

OP1 Edit

Ushio is seen shirtless throughout.

OP2 Edit

Ushio is again shirtless throughout.

Episode 6 Edit

Ushio is at the beach with his friends.

Episode 9 Edit

Ushio searches for his missing money.

Episode 10 Edit

Ushio is at a hot spring.

Episode 17 Edit

Ushio gets turned into a yokai, with his friends trying to change him back by combing his hair.

Episode 18 Edit

Ushio is brought back to normal.

Episode 19 Edit

Ushio and Tora end up in Ancient China.

Episode 22 Edit

Ushio's clothes are torn while fighting Tora.

Episode 23 Edit

Ushio's shirt is torn off.

Episode 28 Edit

Ushio's clothes are burnt off.

Episode 32 Edit

Ushio shows his scars to his mother to stop her from blaming herself.

Episode 38 Edit

Ushio's shirt tears off.

Episode 39 Edit

The battle is over.

Artwork Edit