Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is an ongoing manga series that received an anime adaptation in 2015.

High school delinquent Ryu Yamada discovers that he has the ability to swap bodies by kissing after accidently doing so to Urara Shiraishi, the top academic student in his school. This incident leads to the revival of the Supernatural Studies club, encountering other "witches" with different powers.

Anime Edit

PV Edit

Various incidents from the manga are animated for the first time, 2 years before the show aired.

OAD Announcement Edit

A video announcing the OAD that aired after the PV reached a million views.

OAD 1 Edit

Ushio and Miyamura are at a hot spring. Miyamura and Yamada later sleep in the same room.

Episode 1 Edit

Miyamura in Yamada's body examines the presence of something between his legs.

Episode 2 Edit

"Miyamura" finds that he has something between his legs. Yamada is seen without a shirt on in the endcard.

Episode 6 Edit

Miyamura and the others have fun at the beach while waiting for Yamada to pass his remedial exams. Yamada also joins them later after passing.